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Hi – I’m Greg Harris. I’m a writer, teacher, editor and storyteller.  This website shares some of the projects I’m working on and, I hope, gives us a chance to connect!

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City of Wisdom, a novel

My historical novel CITY OF WISDOM (under representation by Trident Media) brings to life the story of how 50,000 Bulgarian Jews escaped the Holocaust. 

Idle Weeds: Alewife Brook

A cover story for the Boston Globe magazine, Idle Weeds brings you into the history, the politics, the adventure of an urban wild and the efforts of those who would save it.

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Writing | Speaking | Editing| Teaching

I love connecting with others to create! Whether you’re wanting to tell a more meaningful personal story, edit materials for publication or business, or want to arrange a workshop on writing, I can bring skills honed over the course of 20+ years teaching at Harvard.  

A Sense of Place

A monthly column on environmental issues and possibilities in the urban wilds.


God. Guns. And gas stoves?

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What I learned about urban development and environmental preservation from kayaking Alewife Book

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There’s an invisible air quality threat lurking inside our homes.

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I got a breakthrough covid infection. The worst part was the conflicting advice.


My mother and her friends couldn’t get covid vaccine appointments so they turned to a stranger for help. He’s 13.

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To beat my dad at Mindball, all I had to do was relax. Why was it so hard?

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Building a Conservation Community in the Mexican Desert.

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What my dog knows.

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What i do


Writing & Storytelling

I enjoy working with organizations on writing materials for marketing purposes, strategic communications, and even interviews and profiles. 


I’m available as a speaker to share my experience with the topics I write about, including Jewish history, community-based conservation, everyday life, and more exotic things like international folklore, even the history of shadow puppetry and more … 

Teaching & Editing

I offer workshops that include creative and persuasive writing for business and academic settings, as well as  lessons for ages K-12.

I also provide editing for organizations large and small.


City of Wisdom,

a novel

A story about how democratic ideals can prevail even in the face of extremism, a story about Jewish identity in an unexpected corner of the world—and the story of a young man coming of age in a time of fascism.

Sense of Place,

my column

Sense of Place is a series I write for Cambridge Day that explores city sanctuaries that can easily be overlooked, but are so important to a healthy community. In this first series, I hope you’ll join me in my canoe as we float the Alewife Brook Reservation in Cambridge. As we explore the beautiful, and sometimes dirty waterways, we’ll look back at this area’s unique history, and discuss the modern-day pressures city sanctuaries face between development and preservation. No paddle needed …   


literary magazine

Based in the Boston area, Pangyrus is a community of writers, editors, and creative professionals  dedicated to art, ideas, and making culture thrive.

My Blog

Here’s were you can get a glimpse of my latest projects. From my podcast series, to my latest novel — or join me as I get to meet exciting and inspiring artists I meet through my work at Harvard, managing the Pangyrus literary publication, and mostly likely, as I share simple everyday stories of life that connect. Please sign up to subscribe!


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