“Inspired by real people and events, a Greg Harris story features characters you’ll swear you know, often from exotic places you feel like you’ve visited — either that, or he’s helping you rediscover familiar places by surfacing keen insights from common, every day life. A Greg Harris story connects..”

– Brad T. Rutledge

I’m a teacher, and for the past 20+ years have held classes at Harvard University. I’m a strong believer in literary community, and am the founding editor of Pangyrus Literary Magazine. I’m a writer, with essays, reviews, and stories in (among other places) the Boston Globe, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Harvard Review, Jewish Fiction, Earth Island Journal.  I’m a translator. My version of Indonesian author Seno Gemira Ajidarma’s Jazz, Perfume, and the Incident is part of the Modern Library of Indonesia. 

What I find myself thinking and writing about most these days, though, is global warming and the question of how we can cultivate a more benevolent, informed, and sustainable sense of place.


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